Starting Over with Shannon

Ep.18 10 life lessons learnt in our twenties! w/Sian McKeever

May 03, 2022 Shannon Jenkins
Starting Over with Shannon
Ep.18 10 life lessons learnt in our twenties! w/Sian McKeever
Show Notes

Are our twenties THE most defining decade of adulthood? I’d argue so! 

Today’s guest is a fellow 20-something Sian McKeever - authenticity & empowerment coach, content creator and award winning illustrator and designer. (I’d add IG “influencer” in the self-development & spirituality space, though I’m not sure how much she loves that term ;) 

On this special episode we both share 5 key lessons that we have learned in our twenties and 1 “lesson” that we are very much in the thick of, right now. This is quite simply, real & unfiltered chat, with some deep and meaningful moments and a good laugh too! 

Here is a summary of the 10 lessons mentioned! 
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  1. Being spiritual doesn’t mean you are immune to making mistakes
  2. We experience our life predominantly through our mind, therefore mindset work is absolutely crucial to our wellbeing, success and happiness
  3. Feeling deeply is a strength
  4. Even when life feels really hard, you can always find something to be grateful for, and gratitude is absolutely key to happiness
  5. Being polarising helps you attract what is for you
  6. Therapy can be a very worthwhile investment in yourself
  7. Do they make your nervous system feel at peace? (Trust your body’s signals)
  8. Spending time single is so insightful and valuable; don’t rush into another relationship just because you’re feeling lonely or feel like it's the ‘rite of passage’ for your age group
  9. Be careful what you consume, especially trending content
  10. Maybe don't agree to go out with any other guy who lives in a cupboard

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